About JIT

The Partner of Choice

JIT has become the Elite ServiceNow partner of prestigious companies seeking to accelerate their digital transformation projects, optimize their IT operations management, and implement cutting-edge technology with industry-recommended practices. We welcome the opportunity to leverage the power of the ServiceNow platform to drive your company’s success.

JIT Partner of Choice Collaboration
JIT Change Accelerating

Change is Accelerating

The world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of challenges from outdated technology. Planning your technical architecture and management are more critical than ever. With JIT, you will successfully deploy, automate, manage, and optimize your applications in multi-cloud environments, always protecting your identities, connectivity, and data.

Optimize Your Performance

We are an international leader providing state-of-the-art ServiceNow IT solutions, focusing on optimizing your costs and maximizing your company’s performance. We stay at the forefront by pioneering innovative solutions based on the ServiceNow ecosystem and the IT Operations Cloud Management space.

JIT Optimize Performance
JIT Proven Results

Proven Results

The result? Our clients quickly get ahead of their competition in the global digitalization race, exponentially enhance their capabilities, and produce unparalleled value. We put our proven ServiceNow expertise and ability to consult on industry-recommended practices at your disposal to empower your online assets.

How Do We Do It

Thanks to a seasoned workforce and corporate culture that settles for nothing but excellence, coupled with an exceptional range of available resources.

Headquartered in the greater Chicagoland area, JIT provides our portfolio of ServiceNow solutions and services throughout North America and the United Kingdom, thanks to the physical resources at our disposal across the American and European continents. We invest plenty of our efforts in attracting international talent, recruiting the most prestigious ServiceNow experts, along with building a vast library of intellectual property. We have over 400 certifications and accreditations and more than 300,000 hours of hands-on experience. Projects and support efforts have spanned all ServiceNow applications, with particular competencies in ITOM, CSM, ITBM, HR, Custom Apps, and ITSM. We offer a seamless service delivered by some of the most committed and experienced professionals on the planet.

Client Satisfaction is Our First Priority

No wonder our average client relationship spans over 5 years; our utmost priority is customer satisfaction, going the extra mile to ensure that we nurture the relationship that each of our clients deserves. This commitment to transparency, excellence, and integrity has allowed us to complete hundreds of successful collaborations with our clients over more than a decade. And we are determined to make your company the next success story.