JIT and AutomatePro Ltd Announce Partnership to Accelerate ServiceNow Platform Upgrades

JIT has Partnered with AutomatePro to Enhance ServiceNow Automated Testing ATF

AutomatePro Ltd, a provider of an Intelligent Test Automation and DevOps ServiceNow app since 2016, and JIT, a Premier ServiceNow Partner and leader in the ServiceNow ecosystem since 2010, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to help ServiceNow customers reduce the time and resources needed to complete ServiceNow platform upgrades.

The partnership enables customers of the ServiceNow platform to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to keep on the current version (n or n-1) of the Now Platform, saving time and cost.  ServiceNow releases two major new versions each year, so removing the pain of upgrades enables customers of the platform to accelerate the roll-out of new business workflows and capabilities in the latest version of the ServiceNow platform.  And ensure that their data is secure by having all the latest security features in the current version.

A report by Forrester found that keeping current on the Now Platform reduced upgrade effort by 81% and provided a total economic benefit of $6.9M over 3 years for a typical ServiceNow customer (https://automatepro.com/forrester-report-total-economic-benefit-staying-current-servicenow-upgrades/).

Paul Chorley, CEO of AutomatePro said, “We are super excited to have formalised the partnership with JIT.  From the moment we met the JIT leadership team, we saw that they were visionaries.  They fully understood that the use of intelligent test automation was not an optional extra – it is a must have!”

Jeff Nicoll, CEO of JIT agrees, “JIT is energized about being a client, and now a partner with the innovative team at AutomatePro. These next-level intelligent test automation capabilities will be a game-changer for companies that want to stay up-to-date and leverage the power of ServiceNow with more certainty and speed than ever before.”

For more information on AutomatePro, visit www.automatepro.com or email at hello@automatepro.com.

For more information about JIT, visit www.jitrs.com, or email at Sales@jitrs.com