Simplifying Your Software Asset Management Journey with ServiceNow

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Are you ready to streamline and manage your software assets with a single SAM solution?

Software Asset Management, also known as SAM, involves a complex set of challenges, requiring high levels of support and engagement. Many organizations struggle to find the correct blend of people, processes, and tools to properly manage these challenges. A clear, simple view of software assets is necessary to ensure they are being managed properly and to mitigate risk. But trying to create that simple view can require a great depth of research, knowledge and intelligence of all devices and applications across the IT environment. ServiceNow’s SAM application can help you seamlessly transform your business while maximizing the value of your tools.

What is Software Asset Management

To begin let’s define software asset management. According to Gartner, SAM is a process for making software acquisition and disposal decisions. It includes strategies that identify and eliminate unused or infrequently used software, consolidating software licenses, or moving toward new licensing models. Essentially, SAM is a business initiative for reclaiming budget and maximizing the value of your software assets by actively monitoring and automating them.

How ServiceNow Software Asset Management Can Help Your Organization

The ServiceNow SAM application systematically tracks, evaluates, and manages software licenses, compliance, and optimization. Allowing you to streamline and manage software assets with a single-architecture SAM solution. Automation and digital workflows are used to feed critical asset data to the business. You can reclaim unused software rights, purchase new software rights, and manage allocations for entitlements.

Cutting Costs with Software Asset Management

Cut software and cloud expenses by pinpointing shadow IT, reducing overlap, and optimizing license use. With ServiceNow SAM you will have a single, real-time view across unlicensed deployments, license reclamation options, and actionable software positions by each publisher. This keeps you in touch with your software and cloud spending and gives you the opportunity to take action or automate actions that consistently reduce your spending and bolster your budgets.

Mitigating Risk

As much as assets help you, they can also present a risk to your organization. Whether that is risk to your budget, an audit from a vendor, or security risks related to outdated software, proper asset management helps to identify and minimize these and other risks. Protect your business with software license management by embedding SAM into the IT change process. SAM provides critical data exposing vulnerabilities and risk management compliance and workflows, all while optimizing your software.

Automating with Software Asset Management

Like your other assets, software should be managed throughout its lifecycle. By automating some of your SAM, everything from purchasing, inventory, deployments, monitoring, servicing, and managing can be controlled and monitored without using human resources.

If you don’t already have a software asset management solution in place, JIT is happy to get you started. SAM will allow you to cut costs, mitigate risk, automate processes, and much more in order to maximize the value of your assets. Contact us today to help you get started on your SAM journey.

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