IT Operations Management

Why do you need ITOM

Are you struggling to manage the complexities of your IT infrastructure? Are manual processes, siloed systems, and limited visibility holding back your IT operations? With the help of JIT, ITOM is here to revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your IT environment. Unlock a powerful suite of tools and capabilities that streamline your IT operations, improve service availability, and enhance the overall performance of your IT services.


Get visibility into your infrastructure and services

ITOM, or IT Operations Management, is a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities offered by ServiceNow to help organizations efficiently manage and optimize their IT infrastructure and operations. ITOM focuses on enhancing visibility, automating processes, and improving the overall performance and availability of IT services.

The benefits of ITOM


Comprehensive Visibility and Control

ITOM provides a unified and comprehensive view of your entire IT infrastructure. Through automated discovery, ServiceNow maps your infrastructure assets, configurations, and dependencies, giving you a real-time and accurate picture of your environment. This visibility enables you to proactively identify and resolve issues, quickly pinpoint the root cause of incidents, and ensure optimal performance and availability of your IT services. With ServiceNow ITOM, you gain complete control over your IT landscape.


Intelligent Automation and Orchestration

ITOM leverages intelligent automation and orchestration capabilities to streamline and automate routine IT operations tasks. It enables you to create and manage automated workflows, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. ITOM automates processes such as provisioning, configuration management, change management, and event management, allowing your IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and higher-value activities. By automating repetitive tasks, ITOM improves efficiency, accelerates service delivery, and enhances the overall productivity of your IT operations.


Real-time Performance Monitoring and Analytics

ITOM provides real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities to monitor the performance and health of your IT services. It collects and analyzes data from various sources, including events, logs, and performance metrics, allowing you to proactively detect and resolve issues before they impact your users. ServiceNow ITOM offers powerful dashboards, reports, and analytics that provide insights into service performance, capacity utilization, and trends. With this data-driven visibility, you can optimize resource allocation, plan for future capacity needs, and continuously improve the reliability and performance of your IT services.

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