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Why do you need SecOps/GRC

Are you concerned about the increasing cybersecurity threats and the complexity of managing regulatory requirements? ServiceNow SecOps and GRC provide a comprehensive solution to help you streamline your security operations and maintain compliance with ease.

With ServiceNow SecOps and GRC, you gain access to a powerful platform that combines security operations and governance, risk, and compliance functionalities.

Automate all your security tools and work seamlessly with IT

Security Operations brings incident data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to your organization.

Respond to business risks in real time

Respond to business risks in real time. Connect security and IT with an integrated risk program offering continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation.

The benefits of SecOps/GRC


Unified Security Operations

SecOps enables organizations to centralize and automate their security operations, improving incident response and threat detection. With real-time visibility into security events, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence, your security teams can quickly identify and respond to security incidents. ServiceNow SecOps provides a collaborative environment for cross-functional teams, facilitating effective communication and response coordination. By streamlining your security operations, ServiceNow SecOps helps you proactively protect your organization from evolving cybersecurity threats.


Comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance

GRC helps organizations effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance requirements. It provides a centralized platform to streamline policy management, risk assessments, control testing, and compliance audits. ServiceNow GRC automates workflows, tracks control effectiveness, and generates reports for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. With real-time dashboards and analytics, you gain insights into your organization’s risk posture and compliance status. ServiceNow GRC enables you to proactively manage risks, maintain compliance, and ensure a robust governance framework.


Integrated Platform and Intelligent Automation

ServiceNow offers an integrated platform that connects security operations, GRC, and IT operations. This integration enables seamless collaboration and information sharing between different teams, ensuring a holistic approach to security and compliance. ServiceNow leverages intelligent automation to streamline processes, automate routine tasks, and improve efficiency. From incident response and vulnerability management to policy enforcement and audit management, ServiceNow’s intelligent automation capabilities simplify complex workflows and free up resources for more strategic initiatives.

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