4 Steps to Optimize Your Organization to Accelerate Transformation

Enterprises like yours are working to create a strong digital foundation for process standardization and automation while streamlining operations. But at the same time, Global Business Service (GBS) organizations are under growing pressure to show value to the business and achieve measurable results all while reducing costs. At risk are missed earning targets, stymied business agility, and less engaged employees. Here’s your roadmap to establish the foundation for cross-departmental process standardization, automation, and operating efficiencies.

Step 1: Connect end-to-end processes while reducing costs

  • To establish a foundation for cross-departmental process standardization, automation, and operating efficiencies, you must eliminate silos and drive greater organizational alignment. How? By connecting processes end-to-end using case management automation and integrations to back-end systems of record. And guess what? When you do, your GBS agents and business function specialists are more productive and are empowered to resolve requests seamlessly.
  •  Standardize fulfillment of employee requests and inquiries: Deliver single request experiences for any service by automating request transfers behind the scenes. Make it easy to collect additional information to fulfill requests.
  • Fulfill requests with dedicated business function environments: Use automation to predefine the necessary sequence of steps to fulfill simple and complex requests across the enterprise from HR inquiries to legal matters. You can create dedicated workspaces for each functional center of excellence to support unique workflow and data security requirements, but since cases are resolved from a single place, visibility is shared.
  • Promote one singular face of the GBS organization: Streamline supporting employees by offering cross departmental services from a single destination, across any channel of choice, and delivering personalized experiences with targeted campaigns, micro-sites, and curated content. You can also increase employee engagement by consolidating multi-departmental communications.

Step 2: Provide unified service experiences that delight your employees

  • Once you’ve eliminated silos and connected processes, the next step is to provide unified employee service experiences. When you make this transformation, you present a singular GBS face to the enterprise – accessible through interfaces like portal, mobile, chatbots, and collaboration tools.
  • Provide omni-channel self-service: Let employees engage with GBS using whatever channel they want—portal, mobile, or chatbots. Employees can get questions answered quickly using the enterprising search or through chatbots that leverage natural language understanding. You can even proactively address employee concerns with intelligent recommendations and targeted content across channels.
  • Meet employees where and how they’re working: Let employees submit requests, respond to notifications, and chat with virtual agents all from within Microsoft Teams and other collaboration tools. Seamless self-service means cases can be resolved faster regardless of the channel accessed.

Step 3: Deliver shared visibility across all service cases to work smarter and see bottlenecks sooner

Now that you’re providing unified employee service experiences, it’s time to deliver shared visibility across all service cases. Better reporting on case management KPIs and
related operational metrics will help your GBS organization meet SLA targets and eliminate process bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

  • Gain visibility into end-end performance, patterns, and trends: Improve service quality with instant insights across the enterprise, including HR, finance, legal, facilities, procurement, and corporate services. Gain clarity on opportunities for future enhancements to processes, workload, resource distribution, content updates, and potential areas of concern.
  • Enable cross-departmental SLA tracking and management in one place: Make it easier for teams to have visibility into service delivery processes so they can report on, understand, and improve services and workloads to make the most of your resources.

Step 4: Gain agility and ease of continuous improvement— keep on scaling service delivery

Once you’re achieving shared visibility across all service cases, the fourth step is to gain agility and facilitate continuous improvement by engaging with low-code application development editors and citizen experienced builders. This will enable your GBS organization to build new case management applications across portal, mobile, and chatbots or extend existing ones from the same platform. Your GBS team can also help scale back-office operations to achieve better business outcomes.

  • Expand your GBS footprint by building new employee experiences: Create employee-centric experiences that bring together services and information across the enterprise. Deliver and maintain portal, mobile, chatbot, and service experiences quickly using lowcode design utilities. Also, enable service catalog and knowledge base authoring by service owners in GBS.
  • Connect systems and departments: Use embedded integrations to drive seamless connections into other systems.
  • Extend service delivery: Empower the GBS organization to build new case management applications from scratch or extend existing ones from the same platform. Make it easy to digitize new services with a guided, intuitive application development environment and scale citizen development with enterprise-ready low code.

The path to improving operations, demonstrating business value, and building a digital foundation across the enterprise is complicated for organizations like yours. Familiar challenges include siloed operations, constrained resources, and employee productivity issues. But it’s never been clearer that enabling operating excellence can light your way. By connecting end-to-end processes, providing unified employee service experiences, boosting visibility, and supporting agility, you can improve operational efficiency, expand business function productivity, and scale service delivery. With these capabilities, you can help your organization confidently and boldly build a digital foundation where the enterprise can thrive.

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